How to Use Listonic to Be the Boss of the Your University Reading List

reading list - featuredJames Waygood studied BA(Hons) Accounting & Law at The University of Manchester. Graduating in 2007. He went on to work in student support at British and American universities for 10 years.

Congratulations! You made it to university and things are going great. You’ve been out partying, socializing, and trying out different clubs, sports, and societies. You might have even been to some lectures and seminars. But things are finally starting to settle down and now the studying has begun, and you need to tackle that rather long reading list.

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Planetary Diet Shopping List For a Healthy You and a Better World


planetary diet shopping list - featuredEnvironmental issues were quite prevalent in 2018, from the bane of single-use plastic to the effects of the palm oil industry. But in 2019, scientists say we should look at what we’re eating as a way to prevent environmental disaster. To do this, they have come up with a healthy planetary diet shopping list that could also save the world!

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Top Brands in Spain: Mercadona, Bimbo, & Coca-Cola

Top Brands in Spain - Featured

Below you will find an infographic based on data from nearly 84,000 unique users from Spain, who generated 200,000 shopping lists in 2018 during more than 2,000,000 app sessions. As well as showing what top brands in Spain users add to their lists, we also find out what popular products they buy, what categories they use, and what they name their lists.

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Make Your Own Printable Grocery List Template

printable shopping list - featured

The internet has a wealth of information about grocery shopping and how to shop better. We ourselves are contributing to that with articles revealing some of supermarkets’ psychological tricks, and the mental benefits of making a grocery list. There are also tonnes of handy printable list templates out there. But sometimes, maybe all you want is an easy printable grocery list to lay a solid foundation for your regular shopping?

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How Many of These 46 Essential Items Do You Have on Your Kitchen Utensils List?

kitchen utensils list - featured2019 might be the year ou move house, or even buy your first home! We at Listonic believe that happiness is homemade and that the heart of any home is the kitchen. But what if, in your new home, you find yourself bereft of the means to make a satisfying home-cooked meal? We’ll make sure you’re able to get your kitchen set up and ready to cook up a storm with this essential kitchen utensils list.

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Burns Night Shopping List for a Great Burns Supper

burns night shopping list - feature

Every year a special dinner is put on by Scots to celebrate the memory of one of their greatest poets, Robert Burns: also known affectionately as Robbie Burns. Every January, Burns Night is a celebration held in his honor across Scotland and around the world by people of Scottish descent. If you want to host your own Burns Night supper, or simply want to discover Scottish cuisine, then look no further than our Burns Night shopping list template, which you can even download and print out for free.

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How to Store Avocados

how to store avocados - feature

Avocados have become a food phenomenon over the past few years. Packed full of fiber, monounsaturated (good) fat, and plenty of vitamins, they’ve become a healthy lifestyle favorite. Not to mention they’re incredibly tasty. But knowing how to store avocados can be tricky, especially as the window between being ripe and usable, and mushy and unusable, can scupper a well-planned avocado toast and put some people off buying them.

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How to Store Onions

how to store onions - featureIt’s really difficult to think of a life without onions: and we’re not just saying that because we’re based in Poland! Onions are used in many recipes across the world. Chances are they’re on your shopping list more weeks than not. But once you buy them, do you know how to store onions optimally?

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