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10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets & Kitchen Tools That Are Actually Great: With Ratings to Prove It!

The internet is full of lists and information about “amazing” and “genius” gadgets, touting how they will revolutionize our lives. The kitchen is an area that isn’t spared this onslaught, and there are new kitchen gadgets, seemingly every week. They stimulate our intrigue and spending, causing us to put them onto our kitchen gadget shopping […]

Remember the Milk vs Listonic: Shopping List Alternatives

Remember the Milk app is a highly rated to-do and task management tool that has been consistently highly praised and rated. Starting out as a 2-person project in 2004, this task manager is now one of the world’s most-used apps for busy people. While it might be great for organizing your day, week, or month, […]

Todoist vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Todoist is a highly rated and well-know task management app. It even has “to do” in its name. But does the great range of task management features make it a good shopping list app alternative? We compared the features of Todoist against those of Listonic to find out. Todoist vs Listonic Basic Information Listonic Todoist […]

Try Our Super Simple Shopping List Template

Grocery shopping is complicated stuff. Whilst making a shopping list can make things easier, creating one can be daunting if you don’t know where to start or how to organize things. Searching the internet brings up hundreds of shopping list templates from the basic to the incredibly complex. So, we’ll share you our secret to […]

Which Country Makes Healthier Shopping Lists: Canada, the USA, or the UK?

From the most successful Veganuary on record at the beginning of 2019 to the ketogenic craze of 2018, there’s surely no signs of people wanting to lose weight and/or get healthy. As always, our users are just as keen to be their best possible selves as the rest of us. But what can our American, […]

7 Steps To Make Your Own Perfect Wedding Preparation Checklist

You’re getting married! You have the perfect financé and you want your wedding day to be just perfect. But in order for that to happen, the less than perfect truth is that you have to do a lot of planning and preparation. The sheer mass of advice, tips, and testimonies online for making sure getting […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Use this Boiled Egg Diet Shopping List

A diet revolving around eggs? It sounds bizarre, but it is an actual thing. However, as unusual as it may seem, many people use it as a reliable short-term solution to their weight troubles. If you are looking forward to shedding some pounds, then you’ll need to know more about the boiled egg diet and […]

Your Banting Diet Shopping List

William Banting introduced the diet in the 1800s. Since then, it has become so popular that people from more than 172 countries are currently following it. The credit for this diet’s recent popularity is down to the Real Meal Revolution campaign which promotes both the Banting and keto diets as viable healthy lifestyle choices. The […]

Do you have these essential items on your Newborn Baby Shopping List?

What could be more glorious than having a new addition to the family? Having a child is a labor of love and care. But with all the doctor’s visits, baby-showers, and dealing with the changes pregnancy has on you and your family, have you even started to think about a newborn baby shopping list for […]

How to Store Bananas

Bananas are possibly the most popular fruit in the world. Indeed, it’s the most popular fruit of our users in Canada, the USA, and the UK. But did you know they’re not technically a fruit? They’re actually a herb. Either way, they’re delicious, healthy, and packed full of potassium. If you can find a fruit […]

AnyList! vs Listonic: Shopping List App Comparison

AnyList is a powerful and popular shopping list app. Indeed, team AnyList has made a shopping list app that is a worthy rival to Listonic. The AnyList app for Android and iOS is a smart and comprehensive app that offers unique features not featured on other competing apps. This includes a built-in meal planner calendar […]

To do or not to do? 8 Best Shopping List App Alternatives 2020

While Listonic is a great grocery list app, we know that some people prefer to streamline their apps and have as many things as possible in one place. If you already use a to-do list or task management app, you can also this to make, keep, and use your grocery lists. Some will certainly find […]

Listonic: The Best Alternative to Out of Milk?

Listonic isn’t the only great shopping list app out there! One of the other excellent apps available is the Out of Milk app. It’s won over many users worldwide with its feature-rich software, which includes a “pantry list” to help you track the stock levels of items in your kitchen. But is it as good, […]

Weekly Shopping List Calculator To Reduce Food Waste and Control Food Portions

Environmental issues are becoming more and more important these days. In 2018, we turned our attention towards single-use plastic and the impact it has on our oceans. The palm oil industry also came under scrutiny for its deforestation of rainforest and putting at risk the survival of orangutans. In 2019, why don’t we look at […]

A Vegan Grocery List is Not as Good as a Vegetarian One. Here’s Why.

Ethical eating has become a hot topic recently, especially with consumers seemingly lurching towards veganism. Many food brands have started releasing vegan products, such as the infamous Gregg’s vegan sausage roll in the UK. But whilst veganism is seen as the apex of ethical eating, is a vegan grocery list really that much better than […]

Wunderlist vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Wunderlist is a wildly successful task management app. So successful, in fact, that it’s developers are now working on Microsoft To Do, offering an upgraded experience to the original Wunderlist app. However, many people still prefer the original Wunderlist app to the new, flashier, Microsoft-branded version. Regardless, is this list app good for making grocery […]

Weekly Healthy Grocery List for One

If you live by yourself, don’t worry, you’re not alone! If you’re in the USA, you’re one of 35 million single-person households. In the UK, the figure is 7.7 million. But, if you’re all by yourself, how should you go about your grocery shopping? Having a good healthy grocery list for one will not only […]

Paleo Diet Shopping List To Lose Weight and Be Healthier

When you think about time travel, diets are not something that spring to mind. But that’s exactly what the paleo diet does! It takes dieters back to the distant past to help them lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. But how does this epoch-spanning diet do this, and what should a paleo diet shopping […]

Monthly Grocery List to Save You Time and Money

Shopping can be stressful and tiring. For some people, the fewer trips they make to the grocery store or supermarket the better. Some people might also simply not have the time to shop every few days, or even make weekly trips. Whatever your reason for wanting to avoid the grocery store, or whether you’re not […]
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