Mediterranean Diet Shopping List: Is This The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Mediterranean diet shopping list - featured


We all love sunshine and good food, and Mediterranean countries certainly have both. But what they seem to also have is better health than their American or British cousins. But why is that? For over 2 decades dietitians have put this down to their healthy eating habits and a good amount of physical activity. So, why not be more Mediterranean and improve your health and lose weight using our Mediterranean diet shopping list?

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30 Items that Should Be On Everyone’s Basic Grocery List

basic grocery list - featured

Grocery shopping is a personal and unique experience. No two shopping lists are the same. People develop and evolve their groceries to suit their needs and situation. But if you’ve never created a grocery list before, where do you start? Well, we have a basic grocery list to lay the foundations of your very own grocery list masterpiece.

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Healthy Grocery List To Kick-start The New You!

healthy grocery listIt’s so easy to over-indulge. But what’s even easier is the detriment too much of a good thing can have on your health. The fact that you’re reading this very sentence means you’re already aware of this and want to do something about it. It’s the best first step you can take. For the second step, let’s provide you with a healthy grocery list template.

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Christmas Food Shopping List to Make Your Xmas Xcellent

Christmas food shopping list

Holidays are comin’! It’s time to get that Christmas food shopping list sorted asap to make sure you avoid a Christmas catastrophe!

The focal point of the season in the UK and the USA is the 25th and the big traditional dinner that will be had around midday or early afternoon. You need to make sure that you have everything ready and prepared so your Xmas spectacle goes off with a bang louder than a tonne of Christmas crackers pulled in unison. For that, you’re going to need a good Christmas shopping list.

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School Supplies List Essentials – Pencil Case

Schools Supplies ListSo, you’re sorting out your school supplies list for the new academic year. A good way to figure out what should be on your back to school list is to start with your pencil case. It might seem like a pretty easy task. Just grab some pens, pencils, and color pencils from the shelf in a shop, right?

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5 Grocery Mistakes a Men’s Shopping List Will Solve

men's shopping listWhy do we need a men’s shopping list? It’s because grocery shopping is still something that mainly women do.

This might seem like a very broad statement, but research shows that women still form the majority of people who look after the groceries. In fact, one survey found that a massive 76% of women claim they look after all or a majority of a household’s shopping.

What this means is that when men do the shopping, it’s likely that they’re not someone who regularly does it, resulting in them experiencing some significant challenges.

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Shopping Lists That Are As Beautiful As Michelangelo’s Grocery List

michelangelo's grocery
Photograph courtesy of Yamairah Keller.

Last week we published an article about 8 historic shopping lists. One of those on the list was written by Renaissance artist Michelangelo. What was interesting about Michelangelo’s grocery list was that he provided beautiful illustrations for his illiterate servant.

As amazing as Michelangelo’s grocery list is, we know that fantastic-looking shopping lists aren’t a thing of the past. Here are some shoppers who are worthy of his mantle.

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