How to Store Butter and Margarine

Butter and margarine are solid fats that should be stored in a fridge. But except from keeping them from melting, why should they be kept there?

And have you ever found yourself wondering about these questions:

  • Should butter and margarine be stored in the fridge?
  • Where in the fridge should they be stored?
  • How long do they last?
  • Can they be frozen?
  • Can they go off?

Even if you haven’t thought of any of these questions, the answers are still good to know.

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How to Store Milk

Storing milk may seem pretty simple: pop it in the fridge and consume it within a few days, and you can’t really go wrong.

But have you ever wondered:

  • Is there a difference in storing fresh and UHT milk?
  • Should it always be stored in the fridge?
  • Where is the best place for storing milk in the fridge?
  • How long does milk last when unopened?
  • How long does milk last when opened?
  • Can you freeze it?
  • How do I know when milk has gone bad?
  • What about storing milk alternatives?

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