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Why is clean eating a great choice?

Clean eating is a fast-growing diet trend that’s taken over Instagram. Its advocates say this is their way of eating healthy while still having energy and feeling great. The term ‘clean eating’ is taken to emphasize that these kinds of eating are done in moderation, with a focus on optimal nutrition and functional ingredients.

Clean eating boils down to a simple principle: Eat mostly foods that grow on trees or plants, eat fruits and vegetables, and eat lean proteins like fish, poultry, and lean red meat.

Benefit 1

Healthy fats

There’re plenty of healthy fats that you can consume when you’re on a clean eating diet. You’ll find them in: nuts and nut butters, avocado, coconut oil, seeds or seed butters, oatmeal, brown rice, flaxseed, omega-3 fatty acids, lean meats.

While unhealthy foods are all about calories, clean eating is more about the quality of your food. There are many health benefits to clean eating, such as a lower risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This is because clean eating focuses entirely on healthy fats.

Benefit 2


Good news. Now that protein has received substantial research attention, a clean-eating diet includes healthy amounts from protein foods such as poultry and seafood to help avoid the need for high quantities of carbohydrates and sugar.

Benefit 3


Not all carbs are created equal. It's not all carbs that are bad, it's the processed carbs loaded with fat and sugar that is. The best part about eating clean is that you can eat carbs in moderation. You will feel a lot better and have more energy if you eat carbs the clean way.


Want to know more?

Starting "clean eating" isn't hardcore once you get the hang of it. There are certain foods that you should always include in your daily menu.

These include: Fruits and veggies, Protein, Whole grains and starch, Dairy products of all types, Seeds and nuts, Fish and eggs, Herbs and spices, Water. You can play around with what you eat, but if you want to get the most nutrients out of your meals then you should stick to the basics. Also, make sure that the detox diet is not what you are actually looking for.

Important! We’d recommend avoiding processed foods as much as possible, and instead using as much fresh food as you can. It's going to take a little while to get used to this new way of eating, but you'll feel a lot better once you do.

While eating clean, you should avoid processed food, sugar and any food that contains sugar. Also, you have to avoid food that has chemicals in it. It may be hard to completely avoid food with calories, but you can come close to it, and do not hesitate to switch to organic food.

Furthermore, you can also consider keeping a food journal, as it will allow you to make a list of the calorie content of everything you consume.

Remember that the key to healthy eating is to practice moderation and a balanced diet. You can start by eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, and eating a light dinner. Be sure to choose nutrient-packed foods, and make sure you eat them in moderation, as they are not low in calories.

Go for it. Just make sure you choose a product that is free of artificial ingredients. There are several dairy and meat substitutes available in the market. Choose one that you like, but make sure it's organically grown and is free of chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

Stick to the plan

Now that you know more or less what to expect, it’s time you created your own clean eating diet template. Feel free to use our template and add what you think should also be on the list, as well as take off anything that you wouldn’t otherwise buy. You can also check out other diets here.

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