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Some say your college years are the best of your life. The reality is that, whilst they’re super fun, they can also be super hard on your funds. Whether you’re a star frathouse quarterback, the university’s most cheery cheerleader, or an introvert gamer geek, you’re going to have to feed yourself. To do this, you’ll need a solid grocery list that keeps you full and fed without breaking the bank.

Tip 1

How to save money for groceries?

Start by making a grocery list to know what you need to buy and how much you’re going to spend. Once it’s done, hunt down the “reduced” section in your supermarket to check if you can get any products from your lists cheaper. Also, always compare “price per unit of measure” and don’t buy any snacks near checkouts! Also, don’t forget to check out healthy grocery list to know what foods are a good choice health-wise.

Tip 2

How much should I budget for groceries?

It is very difficult to give a general figure for how much you should budget for groceries. Your budget will be dependent on your location, restrictions and dietary needs. A student in New York or London should be prepared to spend more on groceries than if they are studying in Bloomington or Sheffield - the same applies if you're gluten intolerant and need more expensive gluten-free products while a vegetarian tends to spend less money than someone who eats meat (not all students may eat meat). The best thing to do is look at your college's advice about what things cost locally before adjusting this based on your own limitations such as dietary requirements.

Tip 3

Is there a good time of the day to shop?

When you first start shopping at a supermarket, you can try and notice when items are being reduced. This tends to happen towards the end of the day so if that is your time for shopping then it's probably best to do that. But just because something has been reduced doesn't mean it'll be cheaper than your usual item - buying an item on sale might still turn out costing less overall! The bright red or yellow sticker makes all items seem like they're worth grabbing but in reality, only things with those stickers should be bought as they are generally more expensive than other options!


Want to know more?

Generally speaking, yes. Meat is more expensive than fruit and vegetables. However, it all depends on how you shop. If you’re going to buy organic produce the price will go up. Likewise, you can bring the price of your shopping down by buying canned food.

Cooking for one can take as much time and effort as cooking for four people, but if you divide the portions in half before freezing or refrigerating them, it'll save a lot of your time. For example: If there's 4 servings on the recipe card, freeze 2-4 servings (depending how many times you would like to have this dish) so that when you're ready to cook again it will only take about 15 minutes instead of an hour.

Stick to the plan

Now that you’ve majored in college grocery shopping, you're ready to use our free template. Feel free to add your favorite products, or take off anything you don’t like in order to make this grocery list your own. Also, check our other shopping lists here.

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