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Vegetarian Diet for beginners

Whether you think we should stop eating animals, want to get healthier, or are worried about your environmental impact, this vegetarian shopping list will help you plan your healthy and ethical journey from start to finish.

Step 1

Learn about vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is all about refraining from eating meat for the sake of animals and your own health. Numerous studies prove that joining the greener side seriously reduces chances of heart diseases, if the diet is followed properly.

Although vegetarianism restricts meat consumption, it is also much more flexible than veganism. You are allowed to eat dairy, for example, which is a basis for a majority of recipes. This, in turn, makes it a great starting point for any future vegans who want to cut down on meat gradually.

Step 2

Explore your vegetarian options

There are a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options, so you've got no excuse to miss out on enjoying tasty dishes just because they don't include meat. You'll never know if your new favorite is going to be something like veggie burgers or roasted cauliflower until you try it!

Take your time and try as many vegetarian recipes and veggie alternatives for your favorite meals as possible. This way, you might actually find a new favorite that will replace your taste for the meatier versions, which will also help you ease that craving for meat over time.

Step 3

Plan your meals out

Can’t wait to dive into vegetarian food? Just hold for a sec. Getting rid of meat from your daily menu means you’ll have to supply your body with missing nutrients in another way. What you should do first is to plan your meals to make sure you supplement your body with all nutrients it needs. Besides, a clear plan makes it easier to diversify your meals.


Want to know more?

Meat is a major source of saturated fat. By cutting it out of your diet, you’ll keep cholesterol in check and your heart healthy and happy. You’ll also increase your fiber intake by eating more vegetables, legumes, and grains. This will help your body digest, and reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer. Awesome, huh?

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Going on a vegetarian diet can be a blessing or a curse for your wallet.

Generally speaking, meat is more expensive than vegetables. However, cooking on the healthiest oil possible, or going for pricy meat alternatives can seriously increase your outgoings.

Legumes, legumes, legumes!


Because they're high-protein and high-fiber. This also makes them a favorite key ingredient in many vegan recipes. This will ensure you get all the vital protein your body needs without resorting to having meat in your meal. Both protein and fiber also help you feel full for longer.

From Flexitarian to Vegetarian

For many people, the most difficult part of switching to vegetarianism is not eating meat. So if you have previously reduced consumption of meat and are thinking of becoming a full time vegetarian, it’s all downhill for you now.

Especially since there are many meat alternatives and meals for vegetarians available in supermarkets. Obviously, not all ready-made meals are created equal. Some manufacturers want to minimize production costs, so you should always check the labels to make sure what you put in mouth is actually “edible”.

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