Top Brands in Spain: Mercadona, Bimbo, & Coca-Cola

Below you will find an infographic based on data from nearly 84,000 unique users from Spain, who generated 200,000 shopping lists in 2018 during more than 2,000,000 app sessions. As well as showing what top brands in Spain users add to their lists, we also find out what popular products they buy, what categories they use, and what they name their lists.

Top Brands in Spain - infographic

While most people in Spain simply name their list ‘compra’, ‘comprar’ or ‘compras’ (11% from total), many give them the name of which retail brand they plan to visit. Mercardona is at the top with (8%), then Carrefour (2%), and Lidl (1%).

Top products (keywords) on Spanish shopping lists are: “leche” (milk) (5.02%), “huevos” (eggs) (4.57%), and “pan” (bread) (3.42%). Counted against total top 100 by product volume. The next three products are: “agua” (water), “papel higiénico” (toilet paper), and “tomates” (tomatoes).

Top categories on shopping lists in Spain are Fruit and vegetables (13% of all added products), dairy (9%), meat (6%). The next three are home care, bakery, and bulk.

Brand names are rarely used when typing products that people want to buy in the store because the majority of the decisions are made in-store, and often on impulse. Valuable brands in Spain present in the top 100 items list by volume are Coca-Cola and pan Bimbo.

Are you surprised about what the top brands in Spain are? Were you expecting toilet paper to be one of Spanish users most popular products? What brands are you surprised aren’t on users’ lists?

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