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A word of Introduction

The cabbage soup diet is also known as the “soup diet” and includes eating only cabbage soup, water and coffee for two to seven days. The idea behind this weight loss diet is that by restricting your calorie intake and exercising you will lose weight quickly.

Interestingly enough, It’s been around for centuries. The story goes that a group of Russian peasants were living through a particularly hard winter and had no food to eat except for cabbage, salt pork, and onions that they found in their garden. To make the soup more filling, they added potatoes to the mix, which made it more substantial and nutritious. They also threw in whatever herbs they could find to make it taste better—thyme, bay leaves, parsley—and boiled the mixture until it was thick enough so that they could eat it with bread or crackers as an evening meal.



One of the most popular benefits of a cabbage soup diet is that it doesn’t require any special skills or equipment, so anyone can do it. More importantly, it is a high-fiber, low-calorie diet which means it will help you lose weight quicker than other diets.



The main drawback?

This diet is very low in calories. Although it’s not a starvation diet, it is still below the recommended amount of calories per day, which means you should follow this diet under the supervision of a dietitian or physician.

It’s also not a balanced meal because there are not too many varied fruits or vegetables on the menu, which can cause you to get vitamin deficiencies and other health problems. For the same reason, the cabbage soup diet can also be hard on your stomach.


Want to know more?

Most diets are too hard to follow and they result in yo-yo dieting (you might lose weight initially, but your body eventually goes back to its natural set point weight) but it’s not the case here. The cabbage soup diet can be surprisingly effective compared to other popular diets.

Typically, quite short! Since it’s a low calorie diet, we would not recommend using it for longer than a week, unless your doctor recommends otherwise. Please remember that, and we can’t emphasise it enough, this is not a starvation diet, so you are allowed to eat as much cabbage soup as you need to fight off hunger.

Stick to the plan

Now that you know more or less what to expect, it’s time you created your own grocery list. Feel free to use our cabbage soup diet template and add what you think should also be on the list, as well as take off anything that you wouldn’t otherwise buy.

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