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Share lists with your partner
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Remember how much you've paid previously
Add items quickly with product suggestions
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Why Parents 💚 Listonic

Saves Time

Listonic lists calculate the total cost, sort items by store aisles, and can be easily shared with your shopping partner.

Saves Money

Control your home budget by adding prices and calculating the total cost of your shopping list, automatically.

Saves Hassle

Features like item sorting & your shopping history mean less trouble for you.

Parents Often Ask...

How can I use Listonic to keep track of storage/fridge supplies?

Simple. Make a “we’re running out of” shopping list. Whenever you run out of a particular item, add it immediately to your shopping list. This way, you’ll always be up-to-date with everything you’re missing in the house.

How can I use Listonic to make it easier to shop with kids?

We actually asked this question to parents like you, here’s what they suggest: “Share a list with them [the kids] or create a special list for each one of them and whoever finishes the list first, wins!”. 

If you prefer to keep your kid by your side, here’s another idea: “Mommy finds the items and they’re responsible for checking the items off the list. They love it. They can’t read yet, but I’ve added photos to all items so they can easily find them :)))”

Can I add items to a shopping list while my partner is already in the store?

That's what Listonic was made for, actually :) No more unanswered calls, unread messages & all that anxiety. You add an item to a shared list and done, your partner can see it now.

Can I also use Listonic for packing preparations or recipes?

It will do wonders. Some of our users use Listonic for to-do lists or wish lists. It's like 3-4 apps in one.

Why a digital shopping list is better than a paper one?

A digital shopping list calculates the total cost, sorts items by store aisles, and can be easily shared with your partner. It's also stored in the cloud, so it's always on your phone, laptop or smartwatch.

Parents Don't Have Favorites.
Except Maybe This One.

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