The Smart Shopping List App

Save time and money with features that make your shopping that much better

Listonic - shopping list app

Share lists

  • Make and share shopping lists together
  • Instantly see changes with live updates on your grocery list
  • Get timely notifications when changes are made

Save time

  • Create your shopping list quickly with smart AI suggestions
  • Use voice input to add items or create entire lists
  • See items automatically grouped into categories

Did you know?

Using a shopping checklist can help you resist impulse buys and tempting sales, and therefore spend less! Nearly 50% of us buy items on impulse, and over 70% of us will buy items just because they’re on sale.

Easy to use, but full of smart features

Unlimited lists

Make shopping lists for different stores and occasions

Catalog of products

Choose from a massive list of products


Customize your list by adding photos to items

Quantities and units

Add quantity, weight, or volume to items

Web version

Create and update your lists at home or at work

List widget

Add items directly from your home screen

Localized products

Find products specific to your country

Speaks your language

Available in over 40 different languages

Over 10,000,000 Android and iOS users

Listonic is great for families. See how Listonic has benefitted households worldwide

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