Check if Your Shopping List App Has These 7 Best Grocery App Features

best grocery app - featuredAlthough Listonic has been around for a while, we know we’re not the only grocery list app out there. There are specific grocery list apps such as Out of Milk and Bring, as well as the ability to make grocery lists on to-do list apps like Any.Do. But, our app development is always driven not by what we think is most convenient, but by the needs of our users. But let’s forget that we make a grocery list app for a moment, and ponder what are the 7 features the best grocery app should have.

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Top Brands in Spain: Mercadona, Bimbo, & Coca-Cola

Top Brands in Spain - Featured

Below you will find an infographic based on data from nearly 84,000 unique users from Spain, who generated 200,000 shopping lists in 2018 during more than 2,000,000 app sessions. As well as showing what top brands in Spain users add to their lists, we also find out what popular products they buy, what categories they use, and what they name their lists.

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Shopping Lists That Are As Beautiful As Michelangelo’s Grocery List

michelangelo's grocery
Photograph courtesy of Yamairah Keller.

Last week we published an article about 8 historic shopping lists. One of those on the list was written by Renaissance artist Michelangelo. What was interesting about Michelangelo’s grocery list was that he provided beautiful illustrations for his illiterate servant.

As amazing as Michelangelo’s grocery list is, we know that fantastic-looking shopping lists aren’t a thing of the past. Here are some shoppers who are worthy of his mantle.

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8 Historic Artifacts that Cover 4,000 Years of Shopping History!

shopping history
History can be fascinating as it can give us an insight into how we lived hundreds, or and even thousands, of years ago. Sometimes history shows us that there are some human behaviors that have hardly changed over time. O
ne of those behaviors is making shopping lists, and it’s been a key part of shopping history for the past 4,000 years

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Listonic’s List of Scariest Movies

list of scariest movies

Halloween is the time of the year when people like to be scared. Well, at least some people seem to enjoy it! Choosing costumes, decorating houses, or throwing parties are only some ways of creating and atmosphere of fear. But it can also be about watching your favorite horror movie again. So why not check out this list of scariest movies based on our staff’s favorites?

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Welcome to Listonic’s New Website

Our shopping list app changed a lot over the years. However, our website didn’t! So, we thought it was time to have a home(page) makeover. But, our new website isn’t just about looking pretty. It also aims to tell prospective users more about Listonic, and even teach some existing users some new tricks!

Why not take a look and see for yourselves.

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