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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Update

Happy Tuesday, Listonic users 👋 We’ve made some changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and we wanted to let you know about them before they come into effect on May 6, 2024. So here’s a super quick update on the upcoming changes to our core documents.  📌 Key changes: Our Terms of […]

The New Listonic is out: Fresh UI, Swiping, Dark Mode, and More!

Buckle up! Releasing such a big update doesn’t come every day. We’re all itching to show you the new fresh look of your shopping list app, along with some long-awaited features now available in Listonic for Android. Let’s dive in!  Fresh Look ✨ The idea behind the refreshed design was not only to make it […]

Coronavirus Tips: How to Safely Shop for Groceries?

In light of the growing number of people infected with coronavirus, more and more countries impose quarantine measures. Sport and music events are being canceled, cinemas and museums closed. While everybody can cope without entertainment for a while, we are all dependent on the grocery stores. The question now on everyone’s lips is how to […]

Study Confirms: People Are Stocking Up on These Products

US shoppers’ behavior has changed dramatically due to the coronavirus crisis. The demand for certain products exceeds expectations. A new study confirms: America is stocking up. But it is not toilet paper that you may soon run out of, as it turns out, but much less obvious products. America is Stocking Up A new survey […]

Level Up Your Groceries: 7 Best Shopping List Apps 2020

For all the tips, tricks, and hacks that you online for you to save money on your groceries, there has always been one simple solution that has consistently found to be the most effective: use a shopping list. This works because, when you’re using a shopping list, you’re not going to be tempted by the […]

Are British Shoppers Going Vegan? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Veganism is big news in the UK. Long-standing vegan campaigns, such as Veganuary, have gone from being a little known thing to something that everyone knows someone who did it in 2019. But how has the growing exposure of veganism affected Britons’ shopping habits over the past 5 years? Are British shoppers putting less meat […]

Embrace Your Kitchen: Try These Kitchen Motivation Tips

A kitchen is an essential part of any home. People spend up to two-thirds of their time there every day. However, if you don’t find the kitchen a pleasant place to be, you might not be able to embrace it and muster up the enthusiasm to cook anything. To prevent this, learn how you can […]

Eat Like Historic Royalty with this Nobleman’s Shopping List

The cuisine of European aristocracy in the Middle Ages, despite the different cultures across these countries, was very similar. This was because they all delighted in the same rare and exotic food. They would acquire these delicacies the same trade routes, as each country was merely a different stop along the way. Another similarity was […]

Google Tasks vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Google Tasks is a simple little app that’s integrated nicely into Google Mail and Google Calendar. Indeed, you can drag and drop items from your Google task list into either. Google Tasks app also comes as a stand-alone app for your mobile, meaning you can make your lists on the go. But how good is […] vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

If you can think of any to-do list app, is going to be one of the first ones you think about. The app is perhaps one of the most successful and downloaded to-do list apps out there. While you can create a shopping list as a task list, the app also has a […]

Remember the Milk vs Listonic: Shopping List Alternatives

Remember the Milk app is a highly rated to-do and task management tool that has been consistently highly praised and rated. Starting out as a 2-person project in 2004, this task manager is now one of the world’s most-used apps for busy people. While it might be great for organizing your day, week, or month, […]

Todoist vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Todoist is a highly rated and well-know task management app. It even has “to do” in its name. But does the great range of task management features make it a good shopping list app alternative? We compared the features of Todoist against those of Listonic to find out. Todoist vs Listonic Basic Information Listonic Todoist […]

Which Country Makes Healthier Shopping Lists: Canada, the USA, or the UK?

From the most successful Veganuary on record at the beginning of 2019 to the ketogenic craze of 2018, there’s surely no signs of people wanting to lose weight and/or get healthy. As always, our users are just as keen to be their best possible selves as the rest of us. But what can our American, […]

AnyList! vs Listonic: Shopping List App Comparison

AnyList is a powerful and popular shopping list app. Indeed, team AnyList has made a shopping list app that is a worthy rival to Listonic. The AnyList app for Android and iOS is a smart and comprehensive app that offers unique features not featured on other competing apps. This includes a built-in meal planner calendar […]

To do or not to do? 8 Best Shopping List App Alternatives 2020

While Listonic is a great grocery list app, we know that some people prefer to streamline their apps and have as many things as possible in one place. If you already use a to-do list or task management app, you can also this to make, keep, and use your grocery lists. Some will certainly find […]

Listonic: The Best Alternative to Out of Milk?

Listonic isn’t the only great shopping list app out there! One of the other excellent apps available is the Out of Milk app. It’s won over many users worldwide with its feature-rich software, which includes a “pantry list” to help you track the stock levels of items in your kitchen. But is it as good, […]

Wunderlist vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Wunderlist is a wildly successful task management app. So successful, in fact, that it’s developers are now working on Microsoft To Do, offering an upgraded experience to the original Wunderlist app. However, many people still prefer the original Wunderlist app to the new, flashier, Microsoft-branded version. Regardless, is this list app good for making grocery […]

Check if Your Shopping List App Has These 7 Best Grocery App Features

Although Listonic has been around for a while, we know we’re not the only grocery list app out there. There are specific grocery list apps such as Out of Milk and Bring, as well as the ability to make grocery lists on to-do list apps like Any.Do. But, our app development is always driven not […]

Evernote vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Evernote is possibly one of the most comprehensive note-taking apps out there, allowing you to make notes in a wider variety of ways. You can make simple ones, such as a grocery list, to intricate and comprehensive ones. Very few other task management apps can compete when it comes to being an Evernote alternative. But […]

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