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Shopping Lists That Are As Beautiful As Michelangelo’s Grocery List

Last week we published an article about 8 historic shopping lists. One of those on the list was written by Renaissance artist Michelangelo. What was interesting about Michelangelo’s grocery list was that he provided beautiful illustrations for his illiterate servant. As amazing as Michelangelo’s grocery list is, we know that fantastic-looking shopping lists aren’t a […]

8 Historic Artifacts that Cover 4,000 Years of Shopping History!

History can be fascinating as it can give us an insight into how we lived hundreds, or and even thousands, of years ago. Sometimes history shows us that there are some human behaviors that have hardly changed over time. One of those behaviors is making shopping lists, and it’s been a key part of shopping history […]

Our Groceries vs Listonic: Shopping List App Comparison

Our Groceries is a much-loved grocery shopping app. It has plenty of nice little features that make it perfect for making shopping lists. Furthermore, if you fancy getting the premium version, you can even add items by scanning barcodes: a feature that few other shopping list apps have, including Listonic! Our Groceries vs Listonic Basic […]

Buy Me a Pie! vs Listonic: Shopping List App Comparison

The worse thing about Buy Me a Pie! is that it constantly makes you want some pie. But there’s plenty of excellent features in the Buy Me a Pie! Android app that makes up for that. Its smart and easy to use interface, and availability across Android and iOS devices, makes it obvious as to […]

Bring! vs Listonic: Shopping List App Comparison

Bring! is a shopping list to rival Listonic. Bring! app is just as popular and as highly rated as our own when it comes to making a list for grocery shopping. But take a look for yourself to see how each app measures up in terms of features to help you decide which one brings […]

Listonic’s List of Scariest Movies

Halloween is the time of the year when people like to be scared. Well, at least some people seem to enjoy it! Choosing costumes, decorating houses, or throwing parties are only some ways of creating and atmosphere of fear. But it can also be about watching your favorite horror movie again. So why not check out […]

Welcome to Listonic’s New Website

Our shopping list app changed a lot over the years. However, our website didn’t! So, we thought it was time to have a home(page) makeover. But, our new website isn’t just about looking pretty. It also aims to tell prospective users more about Listonic, and even teach some existing users some new tricks! Why not take a […]

Microsoft To Do vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Built by the same team behind Wunderlist, Microsoft To Do is a top personal organizer app, which comes complete with a daily planner. But, as comprehensive and helpful a task list app it is, is it good for making a grocery list with, and do its features make it a viable shopping list app alternative? […]

That Shopping List vs Listonic: Shopping List App Comparison

That Shopping List app is another grocery list app that doesn’t restrict how you use it. The only possible microtransaction you can make is a one-off fee to remove ads. It’s quite similar to Listonic, although without as many features. It also lacks other features, such as importing recipes straight from the web, that other […]

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