EU Projects

Listonic LLC is implements a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Description, purpose and effects of the project: The project consists in the implementation of the donor technology in the form of the DMP System with Data Stream. Data Management Platform is a platform whose task is to combine data about users, segmentation and making them available for analysis and use. Various data (first, second, third party data) can be combined to create precise user segments. The segments can then be expanded through modeling and made available to the DSP (Demand-Side Platform) platform. Internet advertising requires constant optimization. Precise specification of the addressee and time allows you to properly address the advertising message, thanks to which the effectiveness of promotion increases significantly while optimizing the costs of promotion. The aim and planned effect is to implement the technology of the “DMP System with Data Stream” in 2020.

Project value: approx. €329 000(net)
Contribution of European Funds: €181 000 (net)

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