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Learn more about our features, including new ways to use them. These features guides are a great source of information for 1st time users and veterans!

The New Listonic is out: Fresh UI, Swiping, Dark Mode, and More!

Buckle up! Releasing such a big update doesn’t come every day. We’re all itching to show you the new fresh look of your shopping list app, along with some long-awaited features now available in Listonic for Android. Let’s dive in!  Fresh Look ✨ The idea behind the refreshed design was not only to make it […]

4 Reasons Why Shopping List Sharing Makes Life Better

Pen and paper shopping lists are good, but they could be better. When you make a paper shopping list, it’s mainly just for you. But what if you’re planning on sharing your shopping list? That’s why Listonic has some great features that make shopping list sharing super effective.

How to Use Listonic to Be the Boss of the Your University Reading List

James Waygood studied BA(Hons) Accounting & Law at The University of Manchester. Graduating in 2007. He went on to work in student support at British and American universities for 10 years. Congratulations! You made it to university and things are going great. You’ve been out partying, socializing, and trying out different clubs, sports, and societies. […]

How to Save Time Using Listonic

Do you wish you had an extra hour every day? Who doesn’t! But even if you had it, we bet you won’t want to spend it making shopping lists. However, if you were to make shopping lists, Listonic can make the process quick and easy, giving more time to do the things you love. This guide will show […]

Voice Recognition Makes Listonic Even Faster

We’re all a bit lazy sometimes. Despite it being super quick to make a new shopping list in Listonic, sometimes all that typing and taping can feel a bit much. However, there’s a quicker and even easier way to create shopping lists: using voice recognition!

Add Details To Your Shopping List Items Like a Pro

Adding items to your Listonic shopping list is easy. Just type and select, and it’s done. Pretty good, right? But did you know you can make those items even more helpful and effective by adding details? Listonic has several features to help you get the most out of the items you’ve added to your grocery list, and […]

Smartwatch Shopping List App Makes Your Groceries Even Better

Tick tock. The time on ordinary watches is running out, especially when smartwatches can do many incredible things. You can even make a grocery list using our smartwatch shopping list app. In fact, using your grocery list on your smartwatch is not only easy and impressive, but it can also be used to save time when making a list and even when […]

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