4 Reasons Why Shopping List Sharing Makes Life Better

Pen and paper shopping lists are good, but they could be betterWhen you make a paper shopping list, it’s mainly just for you. But what if you’re planning on sharing your shopping list? That’s why Listonic has some great features that make shopping list sharing super effective.

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If there’s someone else involved with your shopping, a pen and paper list can cause problems:

  • You might put something on the list that the other person doesn’t want or agree with
  • Arguments can happen over buying the wrong brand or type of something
  • It’s difficult to add last minute items before you go shopping
  • It’s hard to work together on a shopping list without being in the same room at the same time
  • One list means you need to shop together if you want to know what the other has bought

But what if you could use a shopping list that is so smart that you could make a list at any time and any in place without needing the other person present but still involves them?

Well, such a grocery list exists!

Listonic’s sharing feature can solve these problems and make shopping that little bit better, causing less arguments, less shopping mistakes, and saving you time at the supermarket.

shopping list sharing

Reason #1: Argue Less

Have you ever argued about your shopping with your partner or housemate(s)?

We’ve all been there. Someone has bought the wrong brand of makeup, gets completely different items to what you’ve asked them or buy, or maybe you forgot to tell them about a much needed item before they went shopping.

So how do you make your household an argument-free zone? Listonic’s shopping list sharing function means everyone in your household can be involved in planning from start to finish.

  • Grocery lists can be checked and approved
  • People can add items and have a direct say about what ends up in the basket
  • Everyone can be very clear about what they should and shouldn’t buy even before shopping begins, therefore limiting errors and misunderstandings

Shopping list sharing using Listonic makes making everyone that little bit happier.

“LOVE IT! Hubby and I needed something to keep between us as we complete lists separately during the day, so sharing is absolutely the best feature of this app! Simple and easy to use!” – Avian Sullivan

shopping list sharingReason #2: Last Minute Changes? No Problem

Sometimes you just can’t remember everything. Ever made a shopping list, gone shopping, gotten home, and then found you forgot to put something on the listSometimes we even forget to take the list with us!

Don’t forget your shopping list. Keep it in the cloud!

It’s even more complicated if you’re sharing your grocery shopping with someone.

Pen and paper shopping lists aren’t great for adding things last minute, but this isn’t a problem when you share your Listonic shopping list.


Because shared Listonic shopping lists are synced live, meaning any changes that are made to lists are instantly updated across all users that the list has been shared with. If there’s a last minute change to the shopping list you’ll see it straight away.

Suddenly remembered the bread? No problem. Need to take dried oregano off the list because you’ve just discovered you already have three unopened packs of the stuff? Easy.

When you make changes on your list, everyone will instantly see the changes on their list. You’ll also get a notification anytime:

  • Somebody shares a new list with you
  • There are new products added to or removed from your list

Even if someone has started doing the shopping in the supermarket, Listonic’s shopping list sharing function means they will see any changes straight away and shop accordingly.

“Love this app for sharing grocery lists with my spouse, we can both add things when they come up and have the list readily available at the store. Will never do another paper list.” – Anon

Reason #3: Plan from Miles Apart

Remember the days when you could sit together and plan things?

It’s difficult these days, especially with:

  • Jobs having different schedules
  • Trying to make time for the gym
  • Having to look after the kids
  • Trying to balance a social life

Who has time to sit down with someone and make a grocery list? Now, you don’t even need to be in the same building to build a shopping list together:

  • One person can be working in the office, making a list using our web app
  • The other can be checking and adding items on their phone whilst picking up the children from school

All your shopping lists are securely stored in the cloud meaning that everyone will always see the same grocery list on their device no matter where they are. Plus they will never go missing if you lose your phone.

“I absolutely love this app. Sharing a grocery list with my partner is so helpful. I’ve even made a list of household cleaning chores to share and I’m being helped around the house a lot more! Life improved.” – Elaine Taylor

shopping list sharing

Reason #4: Shop at Different Times

We barely have time to make a shopping list together, let alone shop together! Households that do bits of shopping at different times often end up buying the same things because they don’t know what the other picked up.

Shopping list sharing using Listonic means that you can always know what’s already been bought. This means one person can complete half of the list in the morning whilst the other can finish it in the evening, without anything being missed of duplicated.

You can even use the shopping list sharing function to speed up your shop should you shop together, with each of you taking on a different part of the store at the same time!

Top Rated Grocery Shopping List App

Organize your shopping, keep spending on track, create shopping lists fast & easy

Sharing in Action

Don’t just take our word for how easy and convenient sharing shopping lists is here are some examples of sharing in action.

shopping list sharing

The Young Family

It’s tough being a parent, but you’re doing great!

However: it can be difficult to remember everything when you have children. They need constant attention, and they sometimes cause sleepless nights.

Tiredness and constant distractions certainly don’t help your memory.

Young families need a shopping list that is easy to make and edit, and fits around their family life.

One parent is hard at work whilst the other is at home looking after the kids. Suddenly the one at work remembers they forgot to add baby food to the shopping list. They log into the Listonic web app from the comfort of their desk and add the baby food. Disaster averted.

At home, whilst changing a nappy the other parent finds that they’re suddenly very low on wet wipes. They get out their phone and add it to the list in seconds.

Both receive notifications about the additions to the list and everything is picked up on the way back from the office.

Now that’s smart parenting.

shopping list sharing

The Busy Couple

One works for a tech start up company, and the other is a freelance English teacher. Both have very different working hours meaning it’s not possible to do a big shop together. Instead, they usually end up buying bits and bobs when they can.

Before using and sharing a Listonic grocery list, they would buy the same things without the other knowing. Sometimes this would cause arguments. Now that they share a shopping list they both can see what the other has already bought.

  • no more extra items

  • less arguments over the shopping

shopping list sharingThe Small Company

A small company does all its stationary shopping through a single staff member. Everyone use to send them an email whenever they needed something, and that person would then have to take time to compile a shopping list. Now, everyone in the company has a Listonic shopping list shared with them.

If someone needs more pens, printing paper, coffee they can be added easily to the list and the changes seen instantly. Everyone can also see what’s already on the list, too. No more sending out an email, then trying to put together a list from the replies, removing duplicates and searching for what you have and haven’t added.

This took a long time, and got confusing. Items were missed out. Now, stationary orders are hassle-free, meaning:

  • Less items missed

  • Less time spent organising a stationary order

  • Happier, more productive staff members

shopping list sharingHow to Use Shopping List Sharing

  1. Make sure you’ve registered and signed into your Listonic account.
  2. Open your shopping list, and click on the sharing icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Depending on if you’ve agreed to share your contacts with us:
    1. If you have chosen to share you contact data with us you will see all email address from your contacts. To share, simply click on the correct email address, or find the person you want to share with by typing their names into the “search” bar. Alternatively, if the email address of the person you want to share with is not in your address book, you can type it directly into the search box. If the person hasn’t got a Listonic account registered to that address, a link will be sent to them to set-up an account to be able to view and make changes to your list.
    2. If you have chosen NOT to share your contact data with us, you can directly enter the email of the person you want to share your shopping list with into the “search” box. This will add them directly to your list if they’re a Listonic user, or send them a link to create an account.
  4. To unshare a list with someone, in the sharing screen simply click on the small tick next to their email address. This will turn the icon into a grey cross. To re-share with that person, simply click on the grey cross to turn it back to a green tick.

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