Voice Recognition Makes Listonic Even Faster

We’re all a bit lazy sometimes. Despite it being super quick to make a new shopping list in Listonic, sometimes all that typing and taping can feel a bit much. However, there’s a quicker and even easier way to create shopping lists: using voice recognition!

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And not just on your phone. You can use it on your:

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  • Android tablet

Voice created lists are amazing. I do long shopping lists in one go and it never misses an item as I speak!” – Dave Collins

voice recognition

Add Items and Make Whole Lists Using Voice Recognition

What exactly can your do with voice recognitionWell, you can add items to a list or create an entire new listIt’s as easy as saying your A-B-Cs: seriously!

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Listonic uses Google voice recognitionThis is one of the best pieces of voice recognition software around. It’s surprisingly easy and accurateJust try it. To create a new list or add new items:

  • In your list, click on the “plus” icon to add items
  • Click on the “microphone” icon
  • Starting saying the items you want to add, separating them with “and”

Tip: Just speak at a normal pace when adding multiple items. Too long a gap between words will mean the software will automatically stop adding items.

“Brilliant voice to text…so easy” – Rebecca Coffey

voice recongitionAdd Quantity and Weight Using Voice Recognition

You can only add item names using speech, right? Wrong! You can also add quantity and weight just like you would when typing. Yes! Your list is that smart.

Just say the name of the item along with the quantity or weight you want, and Listonic will automatically add it to your item.

Need 2kg of potatoes? Just say, “2kg of potatoes”? Need 3 onions? Just say, “3 onions”.

Honestly, it’s that easy!

“My partner and I tried six different grocery apps and this one was our favorite. This app is simple, functional, and the voice entry is exceptional, which is what ultimately led us to choose this app.” – Kim Peacock

Voice Recognition Behaves Just Like Typing

When you add items to your list using your voice, your items behave just like they would when typing a grocery list:

  • Previously added prices are remembered
  • Items are automatically sorted into aisles categories

If you want to edit any items you’ve added to your list, just do so in the same way you would manually make changes normally.

Voice Recognition Input in Action

But just how can direct voice input benefit youTake a look at these examples below.

voice recongition

The Exhausted Shopper

You’re exhausted! It’s been a long dayBut there’s still the grocery list to do. Typing is a bit beyond your energy levels at the moment. That’s fine.

Hate doing the shopping? Make it easier and faster with Listonic.

So just pick up your phone and start speaking your shopping listNo tapping away at the screen: just quick and easy shopping list creation.

Now, take a break: you deserve one.

voice recognitionThe Flash of Inspiration

It’s a lovely day. You’ve gone for a walk. Suddenly, you think that spaghetti bolognese will make the perfect dinner. But the ingredients are not on your shopping list, and you don’t have your phone with you!

Never fear. Fire up Listonic on your smartwatch and speak all the ingredients you require directly into your watch.

They’re instantly added to the list, including the correct amount of onions and minced beef you need.

Mmmmm. That meal is going to be delicious. A scrumptious end to a lovely day.

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