Wunderlist vs Listonic: Shopping List App Alternatives

Wunderlist is a wildly successful task management app. So successful, in fact, that it’s developers are now working on Microsoft To Do, offering an upgraded experience to the original Wunderlist app. However, many people still prefer the original Wunderlist app to the new, flashier, Microsoft-branded version. Regardless, is this list app good for making grocery lists? We compare its features to Listonic to find out.

Top Rated Shopping List App

Share And Synchronize An Unlimited Number
Of Lists With Others Instantly and Easy

Wunderlist vs Listonic

Basic Information

Listonic Wunderlist
Free to use
(optional subscription
to remove ads)

Making Lists

Listonic Wunderlist
Collaborative list-making
List sharing
Live updates/syncing
Add prices to items
List cost totaling
Custom categories/tags
Predictive text/suggestions
Group items by store aisles
Recognize quantities
Add item details
Add photos
Direct voice input
Make non-grocery lists and notes
Home voice assistant integration

Other Features

Listonic Wunderlist
Multi-platform syncing (PC, Android, iOS)
Wear OS compatibility
Apple Watch compatibility
Set reminders
Add due dates
Android widget
Cloud storage
Unlimted lists
Shopping and food tips

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