Study Confirms: People Are Stocking Up on These Products

US shoppers’ behavior has changed dramatically due to the coronavirus crisis. The demand for certain products exceeds expectations. A new study confirms: America is stocking up. But it is not toilet paper that you may soon run out of, as it turns out, but much less obvious products.

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America is Stocking Up

A new survey by The First Insight examines the impact of coronavirus on US consumers’ purchase decisions. The study shows that the demand for products from four categories (beauty products, health products, household & personal care, and groceries) has increased. The notable growth of the last one, groceries, clearly indicates that America is stocking up. 


Which Products Are Selling Out?

A recent study by Nielsen shreds some light on products that have seen a considerable increase in sales in the last week of March. The results are quite surprising. It is not soap and toilet paper that people buy excessively, as media suggest, but much less obvious products like baking yeast, thermometers, and oat milk. 

Below you can find a list of what America is really stocking up on together with the percentage increase in sales of the products. The higher the percentage, the greater the chance that shops will not be prepared for additional demand for the products.

So, go through the list and make sure you won’t run out of any necessary products. 

1. Baking yeast +647.3% 1. Oat milk +513.1% 1. Thermometers +380.3%
2. Spiral hams +622.1% 2. Powdered milk products +285.9% 2. Aerosol disinfectants +264.1%
3. Plant-based meat alternatives (fresh) +454.1% 3. Butter +127.1% 3. Water filtration +200.2%
4. Dried beans +377% 4. Dairy/milk alternatives +85.7% 4. Hand sanitizer +192.8%
5. Canned meat +282% 5. Cheese +84.3% 5. Cold and flu remedies +192.2%
6. Tuna +245.6% 6. Sport drinks +81.2% 6. Rubbing alcohol +191.6%
7. Total beans +237.2% 7. Water +78.5% 7. Multipurpose cleaners +182%
8. Soup +237.1% 8. Packaged coffee +73.3% 8. Antiseptic products +172.9%
9. Rice +234.1% 9. Orange juice +73.2% 9. Bath and shower soap +172.8%
10. Canned seafood +233.4% 10. Total fruit juice +64.6% 10. Tissues +170%

Are you surprised by the popularity of any of the products? Which products do you need to add to your shopping list? Let us know in the comments.

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