Privacy in the Listonic Beta Program:

The Listonic Beta Program is a voluntary program through which users may install a pre-release Listonic app and provide feedback. Using this software and participating in the program may involve the collection and use of data by Listonic as outlined below.

To help Listonic improve its products and services, Listonic may collect and process diagnostic, technical, and usage logs and information from your phone devices that are running beta versions Listonic. Data includes general analytics data, various unique device identifiers, various unique system or hardware identifiers, details about hardware and operating system specifications, performance statistics, the use of peripherals, and — if Location Services is enabled — certain location information. None of the information that is collected identifies you personally. Listonic may share these diagnostic, technical, and usage logs and information with partners and third-party developers for purposes of allowing them to improve their product. After installing the beta software, you may opt to not send Analytics data to Listonic by changing your privacy settings.

When running the beta software, you can choose to submit feedback directly to Listonic through the in-app survey, email, or various Listonic contact forms. Each feedback report can include system diagnostic files (e.g., kernel logs, hang logs, crash logs, spin logs, install logs, application logs, etc.) from your devices. Providing these system diagnostic files is voluntary, but if you do provide them to Listonic., then you acknowledge and agree that Listonic may use them forListonic’s diagnostic purposes and to improve the Listonic Beta Program and Listonic’s products and services.

The above information is not associated with any other information which Listonic may hold about you and is used by Listonic in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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