Shopping Guides

Become a super shopper and enhance your buying power with extraordinary shopping tips inside our shopping guides.

Shopping is actually trickier than your think. Supermarkets use sneaky psychological tricks to make you spend more, and there are even problems that are unique to men who don’t regularly do the shopping!

So, why not swot up on these shopping guides and arm yourself with your own set of shopping tricks. These will enable you to shop smart, saving money and time.

Do you know the best way to store milk? Have you ever wondered why there are no windows in supermarkets? What can you do to help you make better decisions at the grocery store? How can you do your shopping during Halloween if you hate the holiday?

Our shopping guides will let you know what to buy and how to buy it, as well containing plenty of other interesting and helpful pieces of information.

How to Store Milk

Do you know how to store milk? Storing milk may seem pretty simple: pop it in the fridge and consume it within a few days, and you can’t really go wrong. Right?

7 Psychological Supermarket Tricks and How To Save Money By Beating Them

Supermarkets want us to get the best deals and save lots of money. They only want what’s best for us, right? Wrong. Although they can give us what seem like great discounts from time to time, they are still big businesses and their top priority is to get us to spend as much as possible […]

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