10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets & Kitchen Tools That Are Actually Great: With Ratings to Prove It!

The internet is full of lists and information about “amazing” and “genius” gadgets, touting how they will revolutionize our lives. The kitchen is an area that isn’t spared this onslaught, and there are new kitchen gadgets, seemingly every week. They stimulate our intrigue and spending, causing us to put them onto our kitchen gadget shopping list. But, all too often, when we finally buy them and put them to use, these “best kitchen gadgets” either turn out to not be as useful as they claim. Or, we use them just the once and then let them gather dust in a cupboard somewhere. So, what cool kitchen gadgets and kitchen tools are actually worth buying?

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Great or Grating?

Well, we’ve sifted through the web’s countless listicles and photo boards to come up with a distilled list of really nifty unique kitchen gadgets that are actually worth your while and your money. But, not content with just our opinion, we’re going to back it up with user ratings from Amazon.

However, we’re aware that user reviews are not always what they appear. Some could be doctored, coerced by companies offering free products in exchange for 5-star reviews, or are straight up fake.

Also, some of these products spawn numerous cheap knock-offs. These tend to be not as effective as better known, and more expensive, brands. But, as cheap and appealing as these are, some might be flimsy and break easily. They might also be downright dangerous to use.

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Therefore, even with our blessing and the user-review rating to support certain products, we would always advise buyer caution when purchasing them. We would recommend going for products from well-known brands and buy them from genuine sellers and stockists.

We’ll even provide you with a cool kitchen gadgets and kitchen tools shopping list. You can either read an explanation of each item, or skip straight to the list if you’d rather.

Go to the 10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets and Kitchen Tools Shopping List

cool kitchen gadgets - 3-tier oven rack10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets Countdown

#10 3-Tier Oven Rack

Amazon rating: 3.9/5
Ovens can seem quite spacious. But that space isn’t necessarily able to be used all at once. Racks that cover the entire width of the oven make it difficult to cook several things at once that require varying amounts of headroom.

The solution?

A 3-tier oven rack.

These racks will take up only a portion of the width of your oven, meaning you can cook vegetables and other trimmings on one side, and a chicken casserole in your favorite cast iron dish, for example, on the other.

The racks can also be used to allow food to cool.
It’s a great way to use your oven space better, and cook more food at once.

Don’t buy what you don’t need. Stick to the essentials with a shopping list.

cool kitchen gadgets - herb strippers#9 Herb Strippers

Amazon rating: 3.9/5
These might sound a little saucy, but they’re practical and ingenious.

Herbs and leafy greens usually have bitter stems that you don’t want to be using when cooking. Think of thyme, rosemary, and kale. Trying to pick the leaves off of the stems can be time-consuming. However, you can use these herb strippers instead.

How they work is so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it yourself. Just put the stalk through the appropriately sized hole, and pull it through. Then, sit back and watch the leaves come cleanly off the stem.
Get one with a variety of holes so you can strip a wider variety of herbs and greens.

cool kitchen gadgets - spaghetti measurer#8 Spaghetti Measurer

Amazon rating: 4.2/5
We’ve all cooked far too much pasta than we need. So much so, that there are even memes about this.

But, having too large a portion could lead to weight gain, simply because it’s more calories than you need.

Spaghetti is one of the usual culprits, as it’s difficult to estimate portions because of its shape. So, why not use a spaghetti measurer?

These are tools with holes in them that represent a certain number of portions. Simply fit as much spaghetti through the hole for the portions you need, and you’ve got the correct amount you need.

It’s a simple, but effective, way to control your meal sizes and ward off any unwanted weight gain.

cool kitchen gadgets - bluapple#7 Bluapple

Amazon rating: 4.3/5
Knowing how to store products properly is key to keeping them fresh and usable for longer. When it comes to many fruit and vegetables, the one thing that makes them ripen or go bad quicker is the ethylene gas that they produce. Shoppers can go some ways to stymie the gas being produced, such as covering the stem on bananas with plastic wrap, but wouldn’t it be great to just trap the gas?

Well, that’s what Bluapple does.

How it works is that there’s a packet full of a substance (sodium permanganate) inside that absorbs ethylene. These easy-to-install sachets last for 3 months.

As well as ensuring your fruit and veg are stored well, Bluapple will help them last even longer.

cool kitchen gadgets - over the sink chopping board#6 Over-the-Sink Chopping Boards

Amazon rating: 4.4/5
Every cook wants a sizable world-class kitchen. But not every one gets to have one in their home. As keen a culinarian as you might be, your kitchen might be more humble than humungous. Therefore, saving space is paramount to being able to cook great meals, especially when it comes to preparing your ingredients.

Every kitchen will almost certainly have a sink, and, when you’re preparing your ingredients, it’s space that isn’t usually used.

So, why not do you chopping over it?

Don’t forget your shopping list. Keep it in the cloud!

Extendable and adjustable boards will enable you to create a sturdy chopping surface over your sink. Some over-the-sink chopping boards also come with in-built collapsable colanders. This means you can wash your ingredients straight after chopping them. It’s an ingenious way to get the most out of the limited space you may have in your kitchen.

cool kitchen gadgets - spoon and lid holder#5 Spoon and Pot Lid Holder

Amazon rating: 4.4/5
Spoon holders are handy and have been around for a while.

But whilst you have somewhere to hold your spoon, sometimes finding somewhere to place your pot lid whilst cooking can be tricky. This is especially true if you have a small amount of space in your kitchen.

Well, never fear as that’s now been covered.
There are now super genius kitchen gadgets that are designed to hold both spoon and pan lid at the same time if needed.

cool kitchen gadgets - herb scissors#4 Herb Scissors

Amazon rating: 4.6/5
Herbs can turn a bland dish into a spectacle of flavor. But chopping them can be bothersome.

Cue: herb scissors.

These are basically scissors with several blades so you can chop up bunches of herbs super quickly and with minimal effort.
Make sure you get one with a cleaning comb to clean between the blades.

cool kitchen gadgets - adjustable rolling pin#3 Adjustable Rolling Pin

Amazon rating: 4.6/5
Baking is an art and a science.

Some find bake challenging because of the precision needed for creations to turn out well.

Pastry thickness is something that is difficult to get right. Usually, you’ll just have to roll it out and either know or guess whether you’ve got the thickness correct. You also need to hope that it’s even all around.

But, this genius adjustable rolling pin can really help you out. By placing or removing rings at the sides of the pin, you can roll out a perfectly even and specifically thick (or thin) bit of pastry.

Roll on, MacDuff!

cool kitchen gadgets - pork shredder claws#2 Pork Shredder Claws

Amazon rating: 4.8/5
Pulled pork has become an incredibly popular dish these days: you can get practically pulled pork anything.

But nothing beats making your own homemade pulled pork.

However, “pulling the pork” with your usual fork can be a bit time-consuming.

Now, you can don some pork-shredding knuckle dusters and use your fists to shred your meat quickly and with style.

We admit we were worried that these look far cooler than they are practical. However, buyers have highly rated them and have said that they are indeed as practical as they are epic-looking.

cool kitchen gadgets - fruit rack with banana tree#1 Fruit Bowl With Banana Tree

Amazon rating: 4.9/5
The idea of putting fruit in a bowl is nothing new. If you eat a lot of fruit, yours is undoubtedly going to be overflowing with delicious fruity treats. You can either healthily eat them by themselves, or chop them up to make your ice cream a little less naughty.

There are many racks that look cool, like spiral tunnels for round fruit, or little hammocks that are quite cutesy.

But there’s one type that is better using only one simple addition: a banana tree.

You probably usually just place all your fruit into the one bowl. But if you have bananas too, this isn’t the best way to store them. Hanging them from somewhere prevents them bruising caused by the weight against the surface they’re placed on. So, a bowl with a banana tree can keep all your fruit in one place and as fresh as possible.

But, do you really need a banana tree? Well, given that it’s the #1 most popular fruit in the UK, USA, and Canada, you’re likely to already be buying them.

It might not look as flashy as other kitchen products, but it’s simple design and simple addition, makes it one of the best kitchen products to buy if you’re a fruit-o-phile.

To the Shop, Chop Chop!

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for these fantastic cool kitchen gadgets, all that’s left for you is go out and buy them. Therefore, feel free to use our free printable shopping list.

10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets and Kitchen Tools Shopping List

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  • 3-Tier Over Racks
  • Herb Strippers
  • Spaghetti Measurer
  • Bluapple
  • Over-the-Sink Chopping Board
  • Spoon and Pot Lid Holder
  • Herb Scissors
  • Adjustable Rolling Pin
  • Pork Shredder Claws
  • Fruit Rack with Banana Tree

Do you have any other kitchen tools that you highly recommend? Do you own and pair of pork shredding knuckles, and do they make you feel epic? What’s the most surprising item on our list? Let us know in the comments.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Shopping List Template

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