Beer List of 71 of the World’s Best Beers for This Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is just around the corner, and beer is most definitely on the menu. And boy, there is a lot of beer out there! So let us provide you with a beer list of some of the world’s best beers.

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In March 2017, The Brewer’s Journal and Alltech found that there are now over 19,000 breweries operating worldwide, with over 4,500 of them located in USAIn fact, the USA has more nearly 4x more breweries than Germany: the home of Oktoberfest!

Out of this global number, 94% of breweries are craft breweries: small, independent breweries creating their own unique beers in small batches.

If you think that’s a lot of breweries, then just imagine how many different types of individual beers they make! The very thought of it makes us thirsty:

We need a beer!

But what are the best beers to drink? Thankfully, the World Beer Awards can help punters of pilsners and enthusiasts of IPAs taste their way through some of the world’s best brews.

The list of winners is also surprisingly diverse, with champion beers coming from countries as far reaching as Cambodia, Japan, and TaiwanThe winners’ lists are not without they’re surprises too. Brazil, a country not instantly associated with beer, won more awards than traditional beer brewing countries such as Germany and Belgium.

So, are you thirsty for some of the world’s best beers? Check out this aware winning beer list below for a sudsy and superlative start to your Oktoberfest.

World’s Best Dark Beer List

71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest! - World’s Best Dark Beer

1. Novo Brazil “Cookie Muncher” (World’s Best Dark Beer, World’s Best Strong Dark Beer)?

2. Edinburgh Beer Factory “Bunk! Edinburgh Brown” (World’s Best American Brown Ale)

3. Schwarzbräu “Aged Bock 2012” (World’s Best Dark Barley Wine)

4. Collesi “Rossa” (World’s Best Belgian Style Dubbel)

5. Samuel Adams “Thirteenth Hour Stout” (World’s Best Belgian Style Strong)

6. White Sails “Snake Island CDA” (World’s Best Black IPA)

7. Jopen “Bokbier” (World’s Best Brown Ale)

8. Pig Pounder Brewery “Boar Brown” (World’s Best English Brown Ale)

9. Long Man Brewery “Old Man” (World’s Best Mild Dark Beer)

10. Liefmans “Goudenband” (World’s Best Oud Bruin)

World’s Best Flavored Beer List

71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest! - World’s Best Flavored Beer

11. Surtur “8,2” (World’s Best Flavored Beer, World’s Best Wood Aged Beer)?

12. Dama Bier “Fellas” (World’s Best Chocolate & Coffee Flavored Beer)

13. Lohn Bier “Catharina Sour Uva” (World’s Best Fruit & Vegetable Flavored Beer)

14. Taiwan Head Brewers “Start of Autumn Tea Ale” (World’s Best Herb & Spice Flavored Beer)

15. Joseph Holt “Maple Gold” (World’s Best Honey & Maple Flavored Beer)

16. Ruosniemen Panimo “Musta Lomittaja” (World’s Best Smoke Flavored Beer

17. Gouden Carolus “Cuvée van de Keizer Whisky Infused” (World’s Best Spirit Flavored Beer)

World’s Best Lager List

71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest! - World's Best Lager

18. Bauhöfer “Ulmer Pilsener” (World’s Best Lager, World’s Best German-Style Pale Lager)?

19. Free “Damm” (World’s Best No Alcohol Lager)

20. Schützengarten “St. Galler Klosterbräu” (World’s Best Amber/Vienna Lager)

21. Cisk “Pilsner” (World’s Best Czech Style Pale)

22. Hausen Bier “Dunkel” (World’s Best Dark Lager)

23. Tazawako “Pilsner” (World’s Best Dortmunder)

24. Fujizakura Heights Beer “Munchen Lager” (World’s Best Helles/Munchen)

25. Mica “SIN” (World’s Best Low Carb/Low Alcohol Lager)

26. Pyynikin “Mosaic Lager” (World’s Best Seasonal Lager)

27. Votus “003” (World’s Best Strong Lager)

28. Bauhöfer “Ulmer Maibock” (World’s Best Bock)

World’s Best Pale Beer List

29. Cameron’s “Where the Buffalo Roam Barleywine” (World’s Best Pale Beer, World’s Best Pale Barley Wine)?

30.Les Trois Mousquetaires “Sticke Alt” (World’s Best Altbier Pale Ale)

31. Cevada Pura “Irish Red ALE” (World’s Best Amber Pale Ale)

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32. Sunset Brew “Sunset Saison” (World’s Best Belgian Style Pale Ale)

33. Leffe “Blonde” (World’s Best Belgian Style Blonde)

34. Leffe “Rituel” (World’s Best Belgian Style Strong)

35. Wäls “Trippel” (World’s Best Belgian Style Tripel)

36. Paljas “Saison” (World’s Best Biére De Garde/Saison)

37. Oh! La! Ho “Captain Crow Extra Pale Ale” (World’s Best Bitter 4%-5%)

38. Stewart Brewing “Radical Road” (World’s Best Bitter Over 5%)

39. Corsaire “Kirk” (World’s Best Bitter Up To 4%)

40. Colorado “Murica” (World’s Best Cream Ale)

41. Hell de Janeiro “Hoppy Lager” (World’s Best Golden Ale)

42. Cromarty Brewing Co “Man Overboard” (World’s Best Imperial/Double IPA)

43. CLT IPA “India Pale Ale” (World’s Best IPA)

44. Mt. Begbie “High Country Kölsch” (World’s Best Kölsch)

45. Big Drop “Citrus Pale Ale (World’s Best Low-Strength Pale Ale)

46. Whitefrontier Brewery “Freeride World Tour” (World’s Best Pale Ale)

47. Riviere d’Ain “Thou” (World’s Best Seasonal Pale Ale)

48. McGargles “Little Bangin’ Session IPA” (World’s Best Session IPA)

World’s Best Sour Beer List

71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest! - World’s Best Sour Beer

49. Rügener Insel-Brauerei “Seepferd” (World’s Best Sour Beer, World’s Best Sour Ale)?

50. Les Trois Mousquetaires “Ceci n’est pas une Gueuze” (World’s Best Gueuze)

51. Samuel Adams “American Kriek” (World’s Best Kriek)

52. Le Trou du diable “L’Hérisson-Brassin spécial” (World’s Best Lambic)

53. Gueuzerie Tilquin “Quetsche Tilquin à l’ancienne” (World’s Best Flavored Lambic)

World’s Best Speciality Beer List

World’s Best Speciality Beer - 71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest!

54. Hook Norton “Red Rye” (World’s Best Speciality Beer, World’s Best Rye Beer)?

55. Oud Beersel “Bzart Lambiek (World’s Best Brut/Champagne Beer)

56. Reddot “Sauvignon Ale” (World’s Best Experimental Beer)

57. Brunehaut “Tripel” (World’s Best Gluten-Free Beer)

58. Bossuwé Brewing Co. “Betty B.” (World’s Best Rice Beer)

59. Maryensztadt Brewery “Wunderbar13” (World’s Best Steam Beer)

World’s Best Stout/Porter List

71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest! - World’s Best Stout/Porter

60. Hideji-beer brewery “Kurikuro” (Worlds Best Stour/Porter, World’s Best Flavored Stout/Porter)?

61. Harvey’s “Imperial Extra Double Stout” (World’s Best Imperial Stout)

62. Le Bilboquet “La Corriveau” (World’s Best Porter)

63. Stonehead “Dark Side” (World’s Best Stout)

64. Guinness “West Indies Porter” (World’s Best Strong Porter)

65. Morena “Celtica Stout” (World’s Best Sweet/Milk/Oatmeal Stout)

World’s Best Wheat Beer List

World’s Best Wheat Beer - 71 of the World’s Best Beers for You to Drink This Oktoberfest!

66. Hirsch “Hefe Weisse” (World’s Best Wheat Beer, World’s Best Bavarian Hefeweiss)?

67. Alpirsbacher “Weizen Hefe Hell” (World’s Best Alcohol Free Wheat Beer)

68. Ketterer “Ur-Weisse hell” (World’s Best Bavarian Kristal)

69. Búzios “Brigitte” (World’s Best Belgian Style Witbier)

70. Leavenworth Biers “Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen” (World’s Best Dark Wheat Beer)

71. Unibroue “Don de Dieu” (World’s Best Strong Wheat Beer)

Have you tried any of the beers in this list? What has surprised you most about the list of winners? Let us know in the comments.

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