Henlo Fren! New Puppy Checklist For Your Pupper

Puppies are awesome. Dogs have always been considered “man’s best friend”. But for many, they’re a member of the family. If you’re getting a new pupper, be sure that your home is ready and welcoming with this new puppy checklist.

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new puppy checklist - pup up the volumePup Up the Volume

What can be more exciting than receiving a new puppy into your family?

By this point, you’ve probably already done some research about what dog breeds are best for your particular home. This will be dependent on whether you have babies, children, or other pets. Regardless, when the time comes to bring your new puppy home, whatever the breed, it’s going to need the tender loving care you just can’t wait to give it.

To help, we’ll take you through some questions you might have, as well as supply you with that all important new puppy shopping list and checklist. Alternatively, you can skip straight to the free printable puppy supplies list if you wish.

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new puppy checklist - FAQPuppy Checklist FAQs

What’s the most important thing on the puppy checklist?

Honestly, a good guide.

Whilst our new puppy checklist will give you a good range of products to buy, and preparations to make, it doesn’t include the vast amount of knowledge that goes into raising a pup.

Dogs are intelligent creatures with unique personalities. Until you get your’s home, you’ll never know how they’re going to behave, respond to you or your family, or what problems they’ll have. Therefore, take the time to swot up on tips and techniques on how to raise and train you pupper. This will help make sure that the time you have with your new pet is as golden as a retriever.

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This doesn’t have to be a massive expensive book. There’s plenty of great information from owners and owner associations online. Plus, be sure to read a little ahead for later stages in your doggo’s life so you know what’s coming next.

new puppy checklist - local lawsDo I really need to check local laws?

Yes, for you and your puppy!

Raising a puppy can be expensive business at the best of times, so the last thing you want to do is get slapped with a hefty fine. For example, in the UK, if your pup doesn’t have a full identity tag on its collar, regardless of whether it’s been microchipped or not, you could face a fine of £5,000.

The worst case scenario is that you break a law and your beloved new dog is taken from you. Remember, ignorance is not a defense.

new puppy checklist - trainingCan I do without dog training?

Most likely.

However, you should at least be prepared to enlist the help of a trainer just in case you’re really struggling to train your puppy. Reading a good guide will certainly give you a decent fighting chance of getting Rover to roll over and not chew up your most beloved possessions. But sometimes even the best owners need a little extra help.

Make sure you have the details and the funds for dog training just in case it comes down to it.

new puppy checklist - first nightWhat should I do and expect for puppy’s first night in the house?

This is undoubtedly one of the most difficult events in your new puppy’s new life.

Remember, they have known nothing but the immediate comfort of their mother and littermates up until the point you’ve taken them home. So it’s not going to be easy.

Most guides will recommend the following:

  • Make sure your puppy has gone outside to do its “business” beforehand
  • Take the puppy outside to play before going to bed to tire it out
  • Don’t sleep with your puppy in your bed. Falling out or getting squashed underneath you will injure it. Plus, the puppy might soil or wet itself during the night.
  • Keep the puppy in a dog crate in the bedroom
  • Expect it to whine or howl during the night. This will lessen as the puppy gets used to its new surroundings and to being alone.
Don’t buy what you don’t need. Stick to the essentials with a shopping list.

Your New Puppy Checklist

Now that you’re a little more prepared, we present to you your puppy shopping list and checklist so you’re ready to receive that fluffiest new member of your family.

New Puppy Shopping List and Checklist

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Adjustable collar

Bitter apple spray


Chew toys

Enzyme cleaning spray

Stuffed animal toys

Dog crate/cage

Dog gate(s)

Dog leash

Poop bags


Food bowls

Puppy formula dog food

Puppy treats

Water bowl

Health & Hygiene


Nail clippers

Puppy pads

Puppy shampoo



Check local laws

Dog training

Good book/internet guide

Pet insurance

Plan first visit to the vet (6-10 weeks)

What else do you think should be added to the puppy supplies list? How did you cope with your puppy on the first night in the house? Do you have any recommendations for chew toys? Let us know in the comments.

new puppy checklist - template

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